In psychological terms stress is a feeling of tension and pressure. Stress is a type of psychological agony. Small amounts of stress may be beneficial since they propel us into action, a much needed step for life accomplishments.

Stress results in an organism in response to certain stressors such as environmental conditions, language barrier and relative phenomena. Other precipitants include anxiety, emotional upheavals, biologic agents like germs, etc.

Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.

A stressor is a chemical or biological agent environmental condition external stimulus or an event that causes stress to an organism. 

We are familiar with stress and we experience it in diverse forms and degrees every day. In small measures, stress can actually be worthwhile to us. It is only when the stress exceeds the tolerable threshold, affecting our physical or mental states, that it becomes a quandary.

What Causes Stress?

Stress can be caused by any type of psychological, physical or emotional condition. Often, people speak of different types of stress such as job stress, health stress, relationship stress, or family stress. Some kinds of stress may be related to specific stages of life such as ill health, career, aging, pregnancy, the teen years, or the menopausal transition. Children can also be affected by stress.

Despite its source, any type of stress can become unmanageable or overwhelming. The following are risk factors for uncontrollable stress:

Emotional, Physical or mental illness

Family history of stress or family discord

Social and money problems

Lack of social support community