Stress and anxiety have become recurring decimals in today`s fast-paced and hectic world that can seemingly make passing through the day a bit of an effort. Experiencing stress on daily basis can be excruciating and debilitating to health, which compounds previously acquired-behavioural coping strategies which encompass interventions through avenues like your Doctor,OTC  herbal remedies to ease stress and anxiety,traditional or alternative treatments like acupuncture, homoeopathy, energy healing and Chinese medicine.Fortunately, there are natural techniques and strategies to combat stress and ease anxiety.

  1. Mindfulness and Habitual Practises :
A focused sense of attitude to life can help unleash previously unrealised hidden talents thereby adding value and meaning to our life with refreshing daily expecation to new challenges.Additionally,mindful practises like meditation can serve as a morale booster to people enabling them to rise above their thoughts, predicaments and emotions.
Deep breathing meditation for 10-15mins/day engenders an internal state of cohesion and reservoir of peacefullness.This daily tranquill meditative state of mind during which we breath in relaxation and breath out stress enables us to be mindfull of mounting stress and anxiety which if not inhibited can escalate to full blown panic attack,generalized anxiety disorder and depression.
Develop appetite for new recipes, freshen up to a whole new world of possibilities inherent in our common but diverse humanity.Hence, learn another language like Spanish,go to the swimming pool,visit different restaurants every month, find alternative routes to the workplace,visit the museum,attend concerts and operas.Wake up everyday with a mind set of breaking away from previous routines.This frequent dash of new encounters and experiences will reduce anxiety, depression and stress.
2.Mindful Creative Expression :
Allocate a specific time each day to unwind when you try to avoid pondering over predicaments and tribulations in your life but instead you unwind in with cool soothing music, breath-taking flowers or even the cool beaches.You can even dance to the music as you loosen up, put on hold  the problems of the day thereby facilitating the melting away of anxiety, stress and depression. Avoid being unnecessarily critical of yourself because it forms a significant part of depression and generalized anxiety disorder.
Andrew Okpetu