Anxiety and poor sleep can be paralyzing. It crawls stealthily into every facet of our lives. The Hippo Hug weighted blanket is one of a variety of blankets that is uniquely handcrafted, distinctively engineered to be low profile and dense yet not bulky.

Some ultra blankets have been well designed to combine static features with style and personality. The outcome of better sleep resulting from weighted blankets are well known. Furthermore, they can provide appreciable relief from stress, some forms of anxiety maladies, post-traumatic stress disorder and certain variants of senso-neuronal defects.

Scientific research reveals that proprioceptive input (deep stress excitement) kicks back the nerve system by boosting serotonin and melatonin levels. Heavy blankets utilize this type of input to trigger stress factors throughout the body, minimizing stress and anxiety and also helping with rest as well as leisure.

The Science of Sleep and Stress

Our present continues to witness remarkable progress in the healing and the immune capacity of the human body never before anticipated,  though a lot of ground still needs to be covered before earth-shattering breakthroughs see the light of the day.

In the USA alone, about 10% of the populace is afflicted by a sleep problem, and an astonishing 18% of the population frequently deal with a stress and anxiety conditions. More than 11 million individuals suffer from ADHD. Painfully, this looks like the beginning.

The proprioceptive input mechanism works by activating certain pressure points in the body, thereby relaxing the central nervous system, which consequently boosts serotonin and melatonin levels, while reducing cortisol concentration.

Employing a weighted blanket is one of the most effective ways of getting this proprioceptive inputs.

Using the Power of Gravity

For years, heavy blankets have been employed in clinical domains to lower anxiety and stress (as well as to aid people with disorders such as PTSD, MS, Autism).

According to Amber Martin, an occupational therapist with an M.S. from Utica College, observed that deep pressure stimulation proved very effective in assisting patients in her practice, but not just that, the “proprioceptive input is good for pretty much everyone and anyone. It can be very calming and organizing.”

Inevitably, the heavy blankets make use of crafted poly pellets to target stress factors throughout your body that generate the launch of serotonin, which helps with anxiety decrease and boosts rest. The blankets can be customized to every person, so you could pick a covering that is suited for your type of body.