Why are some more successful than others at starting and maintaining relationships or in starting new business ventures? Individual personality traits under the influence of a wide range of external factors play important roles in determining who becomes successful in life. Social factors like previous experience, reputation, qualification. specific competencies, social skills emerging out of social capital like personal contacts, often proof vital in the direction of personal success.

It’s about connection, even as technology seems to have limited our capacity for direct person-to-person contact. Be that as it may, let’s examine the 9 social skills that are paramount to becoming successful in all spheres of life.

1. Social Network:

Embrace a social network or create one. Social skill activities need groups for propagation and expansion. Accessibility to information is easier through networks; more people translates to more information, and more people with more information breeds leverage, trust and power. A report by the American Academy of management in 2000 showed that entrepreneurs possessing social skills like personal ties, status, networks and referrals are more likely to access financial capital from venture capitalists than those without these traits.

2. Take The Initiative, Be Intentional:

Successful people are committed, creative and flexible.They take the initiative to be social, show willingness to learn, and demonstrate profound analytical skills. Take the responsibility to improve your soft skills by working on your communication skills and strengthen your capacity to handle stress, whether self-induced or imposed.

3. Mutual Respect:

The Golden rule of life is truly timeless: Treat others as you expected to be treated. Expand your capacity to show tolerance, mutual regard, ability to give and take criticism. Show genuine praise and appreciation when something good happens to your fellow. Showing genuine praise is an indication of self confidence. Finding time to celebrate success with someone else is truly contagious and is complimentary.

4. Ask Questions, Speak Less:

The gift-of-gap is not necessarily the identifying mark of those that look like natural go-getters. These class of persons are great with people usually because they are great listeners. This quality can developed with great rewards. Genuine interest in people is easily made manifest by asking questions and talking less. The ability to ask specific questions is a social skill that will strenghthen your relationship with people. People inherently prefer to talk anyway, hence you differentiate yourself by asking simple questions like; “what’s your opinion on her presentation..?”; or even ask for advice (ie. “I have a major concern and would appreciate your inputs”).



My social skills are lacking lately

5. Make Eye Contact:

Have you ever been in a conversation with a partner who’s rather engrossed in his smartphone or just looking elsewhere. A lady was invited for an important interview in her locality recently, but throughout the interview session she only managed eye-to-contact with her prospective boss twice. The object of distraction?..her cell phone of course! Like of eye contact or falling victim to easy distractions frequently in social settings is called “The New Rude”.

Face-to-face contact is an outward expression of interest, respect and and engagement. It is also a defining mark of great leaders because they thrive on information to make informed decisions.

6. Be Observant, Pay Attention To Details:

The overwhelming pressure of the times have resulted in many acquiring a false of security, that gives the deceptive external expression that all is well. Not neccessarily; we all have lives outside school, work or the shopping malls. A lot of us are going through in quiet desperation, that only the keenly observant individuals can tell the difference in your colleague’s or partners change in facial expression and body language. This can provide further insight on how to approach the issue at stake, which in turn can be a defining moment for that relationship.

Learning and mastering these social skills will equip you with a contagious personality, and be more successful in life. Pay extra attention to speaking less and being more obervant. Ask the right questions and people will connect with you easily.

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