Author: Andrew Okpetu

Stress Management

cheerfulmonk Foter CC BY-NC-SA Stress and anxiety have become recurring decimals in today`s fast-paced and hectic world that can seemingly make passing through the day a bit of an effort. Experiencing stress on daily basis can be excruciating and debilitating to health, which compounds previously acquired-behavioural coping strategies which encompass interventions through avenues like your Doctor,OTC  herbal remedies to ease stress and anxiety,traditional or alternative treatments like acupuncture, homoeopathy, energy healing and Chinese medicine.Fortunately, there are natural techniques and strategies to combat stress and ease anxiety. Mindfulness and Habitual Practises : A focused sense of attitude to life can help...

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Job Stress

Job stress is the deleterious physical or psychological responses we experience due to inability of the worker`s needs,resources or capabilities to meet the expectations of the job.It is the collective disturbances experienced from an adverse or challenging situation on the job. Stress is not always bad.Good stress or eustress is the where a challenge or demand motivates us psychologically or physically to learn new skills,interests,adapt positively to changes or even master our jobs.While stress or distress is the negatively feeling of fear or frustration when a challenging job demand cannot be met which paves the way for likely injury,illness or job failure. The Consequences of Job Stress : Economic : Us employers pay over $300 Billion per year absenteeism,staff turnover,accidents,lower productivity,worker`s compensation,medical,legal and insurance costs all due to job-related stress. It costs 120-200% of the affected position to replace an average employee. Stress accounts for more than 40% of job turn over It costs a large company more than 3.6 Million/year on average for employee absenteeism. More health problems are associated with job stress than family and problems. Studies show that improvements in working conditions,work designs and social support reduces heart disease by 25% Stress accounts for 60% of lost of work days each year. Workers who report job stress incur nearly 50% of health expenditure. Job-related stress accounts nearly 44% of women quitting their jobs and 36% of...

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Major Causes of Stress

Stress is evidently the pressures and strain of life which can be emotional,chemical or physical as we adapt,cope,perceive,believe and react to these pressures. Major Stressors(long-term): Impoverishment Chronic ailment or disability Job dissatisfaction Separation or divorce Death of a loved one Type A personality Over ambition Chronic worry Retirement Daily Stressors(short-term): Family upheavals Loan repayment Noise pollution Traffic congestion Paying utility bills Overcrowding Isolation Deprivation Hunger fear Danger MAJOR CATEGORIES OF STRESS Physical Stress: We often find ourselves in helpless situations that put a tool on our innate instincts while demanding much from learned adaptive skills.Physical stress may arise from excessive exercise,work overload,lack of sleep,physical injury or trauma like road traffic accident,surgery,physical disease and chronic pain.Chronic infections particularly excercabate stress if severe and prolonged like chronic sinusitis,prostatitis,arthritis,cancer,recurrent bouts of rhinitis,sinusitis and chronic H.pylori gastritis.The body experiences more stress if the infection is more profound like acute renal pathology,liver disease,pneumonia,meningitis.Major stress response is triggered by conditions like asthma or even in major disease conditions like heart disease,degenerative illnesses such as parkinson`s disease,alzheimer`s disease,lymphoma,irritable bowel syndrome. Chronic stress can be  induced from conditions like systemic lupus erythematosis and other autoimmune conditions.The stress burden can also be heightened by certain physiological conditions like aging,insomnia,menopause,puberty,pms and hormonal imbalance.While some activities are natural boosters to some people,they can be sources of stress to others initiall until adaptive skills are learned or not.Hence environmental conditions like...

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How To Combat Stress By Knowing What Causes It

Stress  for many people is what we experience when we are confronted with tension,pressure or when situations require us to cope in a different way. Not all stressors are negative,there are positive stressors that gear us towards action,preparation mood,accomplishment of tasks and mental alertness. Stress can cause negative and positive feelings even as it induces wear and tear in our bodies while adjusting to environmental changes. Stress can not be eliminated from our bodies entirely but managing stress will require learning effective healthy coping strategies. Attention to your life pattern could be necessary if you regularly experience the following...

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Stress And Health

Stress has become the new catch-phrase to highlight a set of personal,professional,inter social and family experiences like but not limited to,anxiety,panic attacks,restlessness,frustration,temper tantrum,bottled-up,overwhelmed,feeling beleaguered,easy fatiguability,worn-out,feeling inundated,etc.They are the broad or specific adaptive responses we manifest when confronted or exposed to short-term and long-term internal or external stressors. Common Stressors:Boredom,loneliness,separation or divorce or death of loved ones,competitions,frustration,deadline tasks,conflicts,physical and mental exertion,loss of prestige,image or status,lack of freedom,relationship problems with friends,in-laws,colleagues,retirement,loan repayment. Our Adaptive pedigree determines to what extent and depth our cascade of biological,emotional and thought processes will be,indicating the intricate hard-wired nature of our being. A familiar everyday phenomena is confrontation with life-threatening situations like the ferocious site of an attacking bear or a relentless well-positioned,unprovoked ready-to-strike black mamba.Any of these will instinctively trigger the well-known fright,flight or fight response ushered in by an Adrenaline surge that causes our heart rate and breathing to accelerate to astonishing levels,our gastrointestinal system function decreases,blood vessels constrict to limit or a cascade of blood clotting mechanism is triggered to minimize  imminent blood loss from potential injuries,nutrients and blood surge to the muscles in readiness for the physical activity while our pupils dilate for better vision.These homeostatic mechanisms are aimed at preserving the internal milieu. The Adrenal Gland secrets a hormone;cortisol which accentuates the vasoconstrictive effect of epinephrine and also potentiates requisite hyperglycaemia necessary for the brain and muscles during urgent energy-sapping conditions...

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