Author: Andrew Okpetu

Stress And Health

Stress has become the new catch-phrase to highlight a set of personal,professional,inter social and family experiences like but not limited to,anxiety,panic attacks,restlessness,frustration,temper tantrum,bottled-up,overwhelmed,feeling beleaguered,easy fatiguability,worn-out,feeling inundated,etc.They are the broad or specific adaptive responses we manifest when confronted or exposed to short-term and long-term internal or external stressors. Common Stressors:Boredom,loneliness,separation or divorce or death of loved ones,competitions,frustration,deadline tasks,conflicts,physical and mental exertion,loss of prestige,image or status,lack of freedom,relationship problems with friends,in-laws,colleagues,retirement,loan repayment. Our Adaptive pedigree determines to what extent and depth our cascade of biological,emotional and thought processes will be,indicating the intricate hard-wired nature of our being. A familiar everyday phenomena is confrontation with life-threatening situations like the ferocious site of an attacking bear or a relentless well-positioned,unprovoked ready-to-strike black mamba.Any of these will instinctively trigger the well-known fright,flight or fight response ushered in by an Adrenaline surge that causes our heart rate and breathing to accelerate to astonishing levels,our gastrointestinal system function decreases,blood vessels constrict to limit or a cascade of blood clotting mechanism is triggered to minimizeĀ  imminent blood loss from potential injuries,nutrients and blood surge to the muscles in readiness for the physical activity while our pupils dilate for better vision.These homeostatic mechanisms are aimed at preserving the internal milieu. The Adrenal Gland secrets a hormone;cortisol which accentuates the vasoconstrictive effect of epinephrine and also potentiates requisite hyperglycaemia necessary for the brain and muscles during urgent energy-sapping conditions...

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Top Signs and Symptoms of Stress You Must Never Ignore

“The seemingly innocent but warning signs of stress could be as individualized as a fingerprint both in severity and duration, hence because of the multi- faceted nature of its spectrum, the signs must not be ignored….Dr Andrew Okpetu” We all respond to different stressors in varying way that are circumstance,time,regionĀ  biology or climate-dependent.Hence,our stress encounter may result in a wide spectrum of psychological,physical and behavioural symptoms which may not necessarily indicate the presence illness but rather an adaptive mechanism brought about by the body`s flight-fight-fright response.This also results in spontaneous burst of energy,speed alertness and heart rate as a...

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