Author: Andrew Okpetu

Stress in the Workplace

rallycat! Foter CC BY-NC-ND Numerous reports and statistics continue to affirm that job pressures and fears/anxiety are by far the leading source of stress for Americans.The demands and challenges of today`s dynamic and globalised environment,increasing performance expectations,peer and colleagues competitions coupled with personal matters create more pressure and stress for the individual which can take a heavy toll on the employee`s health especially if effective adaptive mechanisms are not learnt. The NIOSH report on the right is an excellent resource that cites the following: 40% of workers reported their job was very or extremely stressful; 25% view their jobs...

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How Exercise Reduces Stress and Anxiety

  ? ????? ?????? Foter CC BY-NC-SA “There is no drug in current or prospective use that holds as much promise for sustained health as a lifetime program of physical exercise“— Prof. Walter Bortz  Stress can be relieved by regular physical activity whether through relaxing walk or brisk walking,bicycle racing or horse racing,swimming or dancing. Regular exercise has been adopted by many people to lose weight,keep fit,look more attractive and feel healthier but exercise and stress management are so intertwined that clinical evidence in support of exercise as a veritable tool in relieving stress is so overwhelming to the point where exercise...

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Stress-Reducing Diet

Embed from Getty Images 9 Fast foods and processed foods which are generally high in sugar,refined carbohydrates,salt and unhealthy fats have sadly sadly become the merry-go-round for America.The well-known “liquid candy” according to the Center For Science in the Public Interest propels increases in insulin  and cortisol levels thereby distorting neurochemical balance that leads to persons craving for more of the sources of these blood-sugar-insulin problems. Two thirds of Americans are said to be obese,an abnornality that contributes to the inflammatory processes in fat cells. C-reactive proteins and interleukin-6 both aggregated by fat cells promote inflammation which is the...

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How Exercise Affects Stress And Health

Embed from Getty Images “We can attain a healthy body, orderly life, cheerful personality and a in-cooperating exercise into our daily routines”…ANDREW OKPETU Exercise is medically acclaimed as a cost effective measure at combating stress and attaining sound health in that it is cost free and requires little time daily for optimum results.Stress,both the type that induces a fight-fright-flight response and the chronic burnout types in the workplace are strongly associated with the entry of non specific immune response into the circulation eg.NK Cells. Recent research strongly suggest that adhesion molecule expression and leucocyte adhesiveness are significantly induced by chronic psycological stress like workplace burnout...

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Managing Stress With A Healthy Diet

TipsTimesAdmin Foter CC BY-SA In the last couple of years in my clinical practice,it`s becoming relatively common to find seemingly healthy young professionals waiting for routine clinical examination who feel elated of not falling ill in the prior years,never seen their doctors for yearly check-up but sadly have been adding weight,don`t exercise,bother less about healthy diets and are now chronically stressed than ever in their lives. Weight gain of 20-40 pounds in 2-4 years is hardly noticed  and hence of less concern in this group of ever-on-the-professionals.On examination,a significant proportion of them are usually noticed with high blood pressure,prediabetic...

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