Author: Andrew Okpetu

Surprising Signs of Generalized Anxiety Disorder You Didn’t Know

TWINTHOMAS Foter CC BY-ND Almost 18% of Americans have anxiety disorders. According to Psychology: Second Edition (Wegner, Schacter, and Gilbert), the biggest indication of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is chronic excessive worry, along with three or more of the following symptoms: irritability, fatigue, concentration problems, restlessness, muscle tension, and sleep problems. Generalized anxiety disorder should not be taken lightly. It is a valid mental disorder that requires immediate medical attention. If left untreated or not managed, the disorder might only get worse and may lead to more serious psychological disorders such as depression. Rima Santos Foter CC BY-NC-SA But...

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6 Social Skills That Will Make You A Better, Successful Person In Life

Why are some more successful than others at starting and maintaining relationships or in starting new business ventures? Individual personality traits under the influence of a wide range of external factors play important roles in determining who becomes successful in life. Social factors like previous experience, reputation, qualification. specific competencies, social skills emerging out of social capital like personal contacts, often proof vital in the direction of personal success. It’s about connection, even as technology seems to have limited our capacity for direct person-to-person contact. Be that as it may, let’s examine the 9 social skills that are paramount...

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An Overview of Stress and its Health Effects

Celestine Chua Foter CC BY   “Modifying my perception gives me effective control over stress, and choosing a superior thought process over stress is truly winning“…Dr Andrew Okpetu   What is Stress? Stress is difficult to define because it is a subjective feeling,but this much is known: Stress is the pressured feeling of an imbalance between demand and capability, between desire and limitation. It is the resultant bodily and mental tension as a result of our pressured responses to emotional,physical or chemical stimuli as determined by our impressions,perceptions or capacity. One in five children had psychosocial problems related to stress...

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Discover How These 4 Moderate Exercises Improve Depression Symptoms

“Exercise ferments the humors, casts them into their proper channels, throws off redundancies,  and helps nature in those secret distributions, without which the body cannot subsist in its vigor, nor the sole act with cheerfulness…Joseph Addison ( 1672-1719).   Koshyk Foter CC BY   Depression is a sullen state of mind or feeling associated with a disinclination for previously normal routine activity. It affects a person’s sense of well-being, thought processes, behaviour, feelings and livelihood. Depressed persons often feel sad, guilty, hopeless, anxious, helpless, disinclined, anorexia, bulimia nervosa, reduced libido, low self esteem, poor sense of well-being, feeling of...

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Health Risks of Job Stress And Anxiety

carrie-ann-nelson Foter CC BY-NC-ND     STRESS IN THE WORKPLACE Job stress, which Time magazine called “The Epidemic of the Eighties” Is defined as the harmful physical and emotional outcomes that occur when the requirements of a job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker. In the United States, recent polls found that 70 per cent of American workers consider their workplace a significant source of stress, whereas 51 per cent report job stress reduces their productivity.  In the mid-1990’s, a survey conducted by the Manufacturing, Science, and finance Union of 412 workplaces (employing 140,000 workers) throughout...

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