Author: Andrew Okpetu

What is Burnout? How To Recognize and Overcome It

What should you do when each time you attempt to complete a task, you feel burnout, stressed and as if your head is boiling out of control? It is the climax and nobody can talk you out of the choices you have just made. Burnout is a looming feature when you have reached that specific stage in your profession, where you are utterly disenchanted with your job and no longer derive much satisfaction and fulfillment in everything that you do. It is high time that you gave yourself a break and de-stress from the rigors of burnout, tension, and...

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Top 18 Facts About Anxiety And Why It Is More Than Just Worrying

Anxiety is that relentless consternation, worry and fear about an unlikely outcome or event over which you are helpless. It is disabling when it interferes with your day-to-day life and hard to control. Let’s differentiate between anxiety and worry which is a milder form of fear. 1. Anxious fear is usually fluid and periphrastic, unlike worry which is specific. We’ll worry about arriving at the examination venue on time but feel anxious about exams in general- an indistinct and unfocused concern. 2. Sadly, the fuzzy nature of anxiety makes it less amenable to problem-solving, unlike worry which by being focused triggers...

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How Stress and Poor Health Affect Healthy Living

  Healthy Living – More TLC, Things that Make you Happy | Everyday … Healthy living is more than simple daily habits; it’s a lifestyle. Whether you’re trying to eat a well-balanced diet or live a happier life, here are some simple …   The High Stress/Poor Health Negative Cycle: New research from the Harvard School of Public Health, Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, and National Public Radio, point out the strong relationship between stress and chronic illness. Public health experts … Healthy Living: High Stress and Poor Health 5 Things to Do to Enjoy a Healthy and Smart Life There...

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The Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs

  “My attitude has always been, if you fall flat on your face, at least you’re moving forward” -Richard Branson  Any job can be as stress or stress less depending on your view of the prevailing circumstances and attitude. Chronic job stress now termed a “pandemic” by World Health Organization, is equivalent to a psyche-straining, energy-draining, day-to-day mental pandemonium that results in insomnia, accidents, chronic fatigue and a poor quality of life. A chronic job is not the periodic exacerbation of angst arising from poor work relations, family distress or the malfunctioning photocopier. Stress plays a big role in...

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How To Love Someone Suffering From Anxiety

 “Anxiety is love’s greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic.” ?  Anaïs Nin  “Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength- carrying two days at once. It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time. Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”? Corrie ten Boom Anxiety is when stress and the usual anxious feelings, common responses to uncomfortable situations and feelings of under pressure persist even when the stressors have...

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