Author: Andrew Okpetu

What is Anxiety Disorder and What Are The Common Types?

Anxiety disorder results when a person’s reaction to unpleasant situations becomes disproportional compared to the expected norm or that generally considered as normal. Common conditions that trigger anxious moments, stress, anxiety and worry in people generally include small challenges in life like exams, interviews, public speaking, the first date, during marriage proposals, etc. These conditions can lead to anxiety disorder if they prevail, though the level of anxiety experienced during these situations is short-lived, minimal and is considered normal. Anxiety disorder sets in when the uncontrollable worry, fear and consternation takes over a person’s daily routine or sleeping pattern, that it has to be considered...

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Top 5 Ways To Reduce Stress & Anxiety Right Now

Are you stressed? With seventy-five percent of adults reporting moderate to high levels of stress within the past month, the deployment of effective remedies to mitigate the harmful effects of prolonged stress has become crucial. In a fast-paced world, how can we reduce stress fast? Despite the rush to keep up with family and career goals, who can we relax our thoughts and unwind without missing out? Let’s examine the eight ways to reduce stress and anxiety right now. 1. How Laughter Can Reduce Stress Each time we laugh, our oxygen consumption increases which in turn potentiates the release...

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Secrets of One of The Most Successful Marriages in America

The most successful marriages in America have endured not because of some mysterious forces that are beyond our control. No, the most successful marriages have their foundations built on solid choices and values that have stood the test of time. This account is the outcome of extensive voyages covering over 12,000 miles around the united states interviewing couples and lots of America’s finest marriages and happiest couples. The focus was on couples who had been married fortuitously for over forty years, and the secrets behind their successful marriages. What revelations became apparent while observing these cohorts? What were some...

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Top 9 Habits of Healthy People & How To Live Longer

The top nine healthy habits of long-lasting persons derive insights from studies and observations that have questioned why some people live very long healthy lives. Not underestimating the impact of genetic endowment and environmental influence, the overwhelming evidence seems to support the choices we make or fail to execute. Scientists now understand that stress levels, diets, sleep, exercise and even the quality of relationships all have profound impacts on the activity of our genes, and appreciable knowledge of these factors is common among healthy people. So we’re going to explore some of the most laudable healthy habits and see...

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How Grand Blankets Reduce Stress and Anxiety According To Scientists

Anxiety and poor sleep can be paralyzing. It crawls stealthily into every facet of our lives. The Hippo Hug weighted blanket is one of a variety of blankets that is uniquely handcrafted, distinctively engineered to be low profile and dense yet not bulky. Some ultra blankets have been well designed to combine static features with style and personality. The outcome of better sleep resulting from weighted blankets are well known. Furthermore, they can provide appreciable relief from stress, some forms of anxiety maladies, post-traumatic stress disorder and certain variants of senso-neuronal defects. Scientific research reveals that proprioceptive input (deep stress excitement) kicks back the nerve system by boosting serotonin and melatonin levels. Heavy blankets utilize this type of input to trigger stress factors throughout the body, minimizing stress and anxiety and also helping with rest as well as leisure. The Science of Sleep and Stress Our present continues to witness remarkable progress in the healing and the immune capacity of the human body never before anticipated,  though a lot of ground still needs to be covered before earth-shattering breakthroughs see the light of the day. In the USA alone, about 10% of the populace is afflicted by a sleep problem, and an astonishing 18% of the population frequently deal with a stress and anxiety conditions. More than 11 million individuals suffer from ADHD. Painfully, this looks like the beginning. The...

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